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Majid Alizadeh, founder and Managing Director of TELSAMAX was born in Iran. After his studies in Karlsruhe he acquired his consolidated and many-sided knowledge of economics, marketing, distribution and advertising during the last 35 years in leadership positions in international trust companies.

The fusion of traditional background and decates of experience in the western daily business honors TELSAMAX as an ideal consulting partner for the implementation of your Iran project.

Investment and Developing at Iran Business

The Iran ist one of the ancient countries in the world and is one of the richest in hydrobarvure reserves (Petroleum, natural gas, coal, chromium, copper, iron ore, lead, manganese, zinc, sulfur). It ranks the second for gas reserve and its export as well as the second for exporting crude oil in the world. According to the reports of the international institutions like the World Bank, Islamic Republic of Iran, with having more than 700 billion dollars GDP, scores the eighteenth out of twentieth outstanding economies, eighteenth and sixteenth for population and area respectively. This matter of fact and the peaceful coexistence of multicultural nations makes the Iran to one of the primary growth market for consumer products and capital investment in the Middle East. The Iran has a very high population (nearly 80 mio residents). But the average age of the residents (more than 2/3 of the inhabitants are younger than 25 years) offers a high potential of well trained manpower.

Market Entry and Opportunities

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Following the successful conclusion of negotiations on a nuclear deal with Iran and the associated lifting of international sanctions, new attractive sales markets are opening up in the export industry with high purchasing power. The current export volume is estimated at about 7 billion euros .

You would like to expand your business to Iran?

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With a conscientious and focused preparation and continuing care you will be able to strengthen your potential to achieve long-term success in this rapidly growing market.

We have a number of business contacts in Iran and Dubai. These include locally based companies and business partners of all kind industries. This allows us to assist companies that only want an overview of the potential on the Iranian market.

Equally attractive is the collaboration with TELSAMAX for companies whose establishment projects in Iran have already materialized and need practical support, such as provision of business partners, business premises and employees.

Another success factor is the fact to know about the codes and practices of the foreign business world and to understand the cultural differences. Take advantage of our expertise, our networks of contacts and our knowledge of the Iranian market for the construction and expansion of your successful trade relations in the Middle East.

Our services - your benefit

Our experienced staff in Germany and Iran will assist you in realizing your investment plans. Our high-level service standards will help companies to better understand the Iranian market, develop business and stay ahead of competition. The strength of TELSAMAX is in providing investors with a one-stop solution to all their non-technical consulting needs.

Service features:

  • Advice on opportunities for market entry
  • Customized study and business trips to Iran
  • Intercultural Training
  • Analysis of the market potential in Iran and the Middle East
  • Analysis of target groups and competitors
  • Concept development and planning the next steps
  • Contact Research
  • Provision of business partners
  • Exchanges of co-operation partners
  • Expert discussions on the spot
  • Active Marketing / Communications & PR
  • Personal Service
  • Virtual Office / Estate agencies

Get to know your market in Iran

Before you invest in new markets, it is important to know one's own resources and to aquire the knowledge of the possibilities of expansion abroad, particularly in the Middle East. Our staff will advise you about your options by excellent market knowledge. An individual market and competitor analysis is essential for your success and will increase your chances of a successful start of your investment project in Iran. Thereby you will be able to assess existing potentials better and to adapt your project to the regional conditions and circumstances.

In collaboration with you we will create concepts for your successful market entry and / or enhancing your current export transactions. Even furthermore, we are also your professional consultant in any other business related questions. Through our in-house counseling you and your employees have the opportunity to interact directly with our experts about your planned Iran-expansion projects.

Contact research – set-up on business contacts and partners


Your success is, in addition to the right concept, depending on the definition and construction of the right business contacts. We support you in the analysis and procurement of specific contact information or advise you in defining an appropriate target group .

As a first step, we determine in an individual research which contacts fit to your planned project and create the appropriate space for communication with businesses in Iran. We are happy to take care of the first direct approach of selected contacts . Both, our broad network within the Iranian economy as well as the access to current databases and a variety of coordinated information guarantees a reliable choice.

You are looking for a business partner in Iran?

We take over the search for competent business partners in Iran and bring you in contact with potential business partners through comprehensive targeted research.
We believe in continuity. Therefore, we provide you with a permanent contact person of our multilingual team and activate for you our bilateral network in Iran. We take both the speech, as well as the ongoing discussion with the selected contacts .
Cooperation exchanges are an additional platform , which we provide for the expansion of your trade projects available. In addition to the creation of networks, a lively exchange of information and experience takes place here.
Of course, we are working in strict confidence and in close coordination with our customers.

Organization of business trips to Iran

According to your requirements, we will organize your visit to Iran. Successful business relationships benefit from personal encounters and local presence. We use our extensive network to make your trip as pleasant and efficient as possible. Throughout the trip , we support you both organisationally, culturally and linguistically . Of course we assist and guide you during your trade fair presentation.

Intercultural training and educational journeys

Cultural differences and similarities between Germans and Iranians. Knowledge of the small differences in business practices and culture are important for the success of a German project in Iran. To avoid misunderstandings and problems with during your commercial relationship, we offer you and your employees a range of intercultural workshops and seminars, as well as individual courses. Here you will learn intercultural competence. Any specifics and characteristics in the various Iranian cultures and how these are to be observed in dealing with the Iranian business partners and employees. Both at management level as well as for your employees, it is important to be prepared, especially in this area. The social codes and practices often determine the success in negotiations with Iranian partners, business partners and at trade fairs. Routine in negotiations and in dealing with the mentality of your partner in Iran get best during study trips. We are happy to submit a number of individual offerings.

Active marketing, communication & PR


Through customized marketing, targeted communication and PR you will achieve your individual target group in Iran and establish themselves in a new and exciting market. We are happy to suport your PR and marketing strategies in the Iranian market with our knoweldge. By mailing, advertisements or other PR activities you can directly present your products and services to potential Iranian business partners. We place our services, network and our reputation at your disposal. In addition to structural issues such as marketing, trade fairs and dealing with representatives, we also offer advice on financial transactions with Iranian Companies and protection- and penalty issues. For your successful expansion and communication with business partners we assist you with our experience and networks in the field of communication and PR. Our PR professionals develop and support you with customized services in your PR and press work. For this we offer following services:

  • PR and Marketing
  • Public relations and Text Service
  • Fair Communication
  • Internal Communication

PR und Marketing

Together with you we develop an integrated PR and marketing strategy for all communication channels . The previous target group definition makes it easier for you to promote the interaction with the right target group and to deepen your business connections.

We also support you at the agency control and take care of the project management. If you want to assign an advertising or PR agency for a particularly comprehensive communications project, we provide you you the most appropriate partner. We coordinate your campaign. We take care of quality services and ensure that your project will be implemented according to your guidelines.

Press relations and editorial services

Our press department maintains contacts with journalists and relevant editors. We are happy to support you in the press related area. We take over responsiblity for press inquiries and provide media representatives quickly and accurately with required information about your company and your products.

To raise media interest in your business, we create and disseminate press releases containing current and relevant information about your business activities. Our editorial service provide you with texts and layout for your website, customer brochure, your newsletter or social media performance. We deliver texts in German, English and Persian, which are adapted to the respective target group .

Fair communication


We will help you to optimize your trade fair in Germany and Iran. Strategic and operational assistance at the PR work before , during and after the fair guarantee sustainability. We accompany you during events and fairs, and ensure that your business can take advantage of the communication tools of the trade fair companies as much as possible. Our competent employees, who know the respective market and who are native speeker, will take care of your press work locally.

Internal communication

TeaserbildIn internal communications, it is important to note the differences between the German and Iranian business culture . We will assist you in developing and implementing the right communication strategy for your employees and colleagues. Take advantage of our expertise and experience, if you are at the beginning of your business development or whether you are planning to implement changes in the corporate structure and want to communicate this well.


Employee services

TeaserbildFind the right employees in Iran. In some areas, it is necessary to have the right people on spot. We aupport you in finding suitable employees and assist you in job interviews. On request, we can interpret for you. Through our knowledge of Iranian market, we can guarantee to find suitable employees by appealling to the right audience.


Virtual office / estate agencies

You need a business presence in Iran? We provide you with a virtual office with its own address in Iran. With our broad network in Iran, we are also happy to support you in finding properties and premises in Iran.