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Project Management

Projekt Management Teaser

Projekt Management Teaser

Projekt Management Teaser

Projekt Management Teaser

The emphasis at TELSAMAX project management is mainly related to customer focus and coustomer service. Our aim is to even exceed your customers expectations.

Customer focus in project management means for you besides further:

  • On the needs of customers coordinated actions and information
  • Putting emphasis on customer advantages during projects
  • transparancy/simplicity/understandability

For a PM customer service we offer for our customers:

  • distinct partners to address for defined tasks and projects
  • reachability of the specialists during project execution
  • a transparent information tool about project status and processing

During work on the project management tasks we follow the aim to communicate so clear that our customers can express at any time:

>> TELSAMAX acts in our truest sense <<

For PM tasks we do everything to fulfil your demands in an optimized way to increase performance more and more. We always pay attention for our customers to stick to the following factors:

  • Close coordination and definition of the approaches
  • Fixation of the capacities (staff/budget)
  • Active co-design of the internal processes
  • In-time feedback/communication to staff and management