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TELSAMAX is a modern consulting company whose home is close to Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Through the cooperation with us you use our core competences in the areas Business Analysis, Business Consulting, Marketing Communikation und Project Management.

We standardize and optimize your company processes. Together with you it is our goal to improve the performance in all areas and the cost structures.

Through our work we achieve that you are in detail well informed about your company. Through this you swiftly can react to a changing market and its competitors.

We would love to accept your challenge!

Service Overview

Business Analysis

  • Business Reporting
  • Weakness Analysis
  • Recognize Potentials
  • Incentivisation

Business Consulting

  • Potential Finding
  • Coaching
  • E-Commerce
  • Campaign Management

Project Management

  • Project Analysis
  • Project Lead
  • Project Organisation
  • Projekt Monitoring

Marketing Communication

  • corporate design
  • online promotion
  • online communication
  • marketing coaching

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